Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Memomat Pro

vs. 5.1

 The must-have iPhone application for all those who constantly use credit or ATM cards, who often travel for business or leisure, and want to have a powerful tool to track all their expenses in any currency!

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Memomat Pro is an application conceived for all those who use credit or ATM cards and want to have a powerful tool to record and monitor all transactions carried out with them.

With Memomat Pro you can record any type of operation. You can record both types of operations which involve an output cash flow, e.g. a withdrawal or payment, and also transactions associated with input cash flows, such as cash or a check deposit. Even operations that do not create any cash flow may be registered without problems.

Memomat Pro allows you to record transactions made either in local currency or in foreign currency. The exchange rate can be either manually entered or automatically set to the current value retrieving it from Internet.

Memomat Pro allows you to easily and quickly verify the transactions on the bank statement of account without the need to use the tickets. It also allows you to maintain a reminder of all those transactions that do not produce any tickets or for which the ticket is lost.

Memomat Pro automatically calculates the total revenue and expenditure and their respective balances for various time periods, thus providing the user an excellent tool to control their spending capacity.

Memomat Pro is easy and immediate in its use and does not place limits on the number of transactions recorded, on the number of cards manageable and on the types of operations defined.

Memomat Pro allows you to export the list of operations in two separate formats, one readable and the other said CSV (comma separated values) useful to import the list with other software such as Excel.

Memomat Pro at a glance:
- Unlimited number of managed cards
- Unlimited number of recordable operations
- Unlimited number of types of operations
- Logs both receipts and payments transactions
- Allows entering amounts of money in any currency
- Automatically retrieves the current exchange rate for any currency
- Allows entering of detailed information for each single operation
- Various modes of fast data input
- Display list of transactions both as overall and for each card
- Calculation of the balance for different time periods
- Calculation of the balance, both overall and for each paper
- Deferred editing of records
- Dynamic association of the types of operations to cash flows
- Exporting via email of the list either in readable or CSV format
- Possibility of incremental exporting for each card
- Ability to reset the database
- Detailed and complete instructions
- User interface in English or Italian language

Price of the application: 0,99 USD

 Available on the iPhone App Store