Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Do you want to keep scores when playing cards, but you don't have paper and pen at hand?

Would you like to have a new fun tool for keeping and tracking scores?

Are you a keen card player and you want to keep all your game history with you? 


is your

iPhone app!


Winci is an iPhone application that allows you to keep the scores of the players during a game. It can be used to play cards or any other game that requires tracking players scores. You can use it in all those cases which you don't have access to paper and pen.

As simple as that!


Available on the iPhone App Store



Winci at a glance:
- unlimited number of players in the list
- unlimited number of players participating in a game
- unlimited number of games in the list
- unlimited number of hands in a game
- insertion of both positive and negative scores
- tracking of the number of hands in a game
- possibility to set the game order
- tracking of the player turn in the game
- tracking of the whole scores sequence of each player
- possibility to associate a photo to each player
- possibility to track the scores of many games simultaneously
- recording of all games made
- possibility to selectively delete games and/or players
- possibility to undo the basic operations (update, termination)
- numeric keyboard optimized for score insertion
- no internet connection required to use the application