Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Do you want to know where you are in just a few seconds?

Don't want to open Google maps because network speed is slow?

Just need the name of the street and don't want to waste bytes on your 3G connection?

Are you driving and do you want to quickly see in which way you are?

Do you want to share your location with your friends so that they can easily reach you?





is your

iPhone app!



Available on the iPhone App Store

Just launch the application and it will immediately start receiving GPS positioning data. After some seconds, the application will tell you the name of the street closest to your position.

As simple as that!


WhereIAm is the only application that turns the GPS coordinates directly to street addresses and the first one to introduce a new amazing feature: you will be able, straight from the application and with a simple touch, to send your current location via email to your friends together with the link that opens the Google Maps on it. Therefore your friends will be able to find out the fastest route to reach you.

EXAMPLE OF USE: You are making a long journey by train to visit your best friend. The train has to stop in the middle of nowhere and you ask yourself:  "where are we?". There is no 3G signal, just a too slow 2G connection to open Google maps. What to do? Simple! Open WhereIAm and wait a few seconds until it begins to receive positioning data. At that point, shake it and it will immediately tell you the village where you are and the nearest road. Nothing could be easier!
Then, guess, your friend calls you since he wants to know where you are to pick you up. Just use WhereIAm to easily send him your current location via email. When he opens it, he is able to view your location on Google Maps and find the fastest route to find you, with just a single tap!

NOTE: The use of GPS is strongly recommended. Use the application preferably in open air. It needs a connection to Internet, either WiFi or 2G/3G. 

Price of the application: 0,99 USD

Available on the iPhone App Store