Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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vs. 18.0



 The most powerful personal CRM system available for iPhone and iPad, especially suited to all professionals and sales people, such as business agents, sales agents, business brokers and representatives.



download the iPhone version:
Available on the iPhone App Store
download the iPad version:
Available on the iPhone App Store




With myCRM you can keep constantly on hand all your business, plan all the activities related to it, track and monitor sales and opportunities, record all relationships with your customers and do much more.


Download it for FREE. All app features are immediately available for testing and training. Buy then the license that best suits your needs directly from within the application (In-App Purchase).

MyCRM does not use external servers. All data are stored into your device. The interface is simple and immediate and the entire app was designed for handling large volumes of data for a true professional use.

All features are available in both iPhone and iPad versions.





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myCRM at a glance:

- allows the insertion of an unlimited number of customers (tens of thousands);
- allows full, partial or incremental import of the address book of the device;
- Allows import from a file in CSV format on Dropbox/Itunes;
- Differentiates between simple contacts and contacts of type "company"; allows to do group actions on these latter;
- Allows the automatic and manual geocoding of addresses associated with the customer;
- allows the definition of areas and the association of the same to customers;
- allows to locate and display customers on maps;
- allows the coloring of customers on maps according to their needs;
- displays the path from your position to the position of the customer;
- allows the tagging of customers
- allows the extraction of groups of customers based on a lot of search criteria, combinable together in boolean logic;
- allows textual search within all fields of customer record;
- allows the identification of all customers within a given distance from your position;
- executes automatically the indirect association of customers to the areas defined on other customers;
- allows to export customers toward the address book of the device
- allows the definition of special dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc..) and shows them in the diary;
- allows sending of pre-defined mail to groups of customers, with the ability to attach documents and photos;
- determine automatically the status of the customer: free, pursued, caught;

Opportunities, Sales and Principals:
- allows the creation of sales opportunities and their tracking and monitoring, basing on their status, probability and end date;
- allows transforming opportunities in sales and the automatic calculation of commissions;
- allows the definition of principals and the association of the same to opportunities and sales;
- allows the extraction of opportunities and sales through various search criteria;
- executes the calculation of statistics and totals on the extracted group of opportunities and sales;
- allows the insertion of money amounts in any currencies, with the ability to retrieve in real time the exchange rate;
- allows you to manage multiple opportunities on a variety of customers;

- allows customization of Customer, Opportunity and Sale forms throuth the addition of customizable fields;
- 8 kinds of custom fields are available: single-line text, multiple-line text, numeric integer, numeric decimal, numeric currency, single choice, multiple choice, logic;
- Custom fields can be read, edited, searched, shared, imported and exported like any other normal field;

Activities and Relationships:
- allows the creation of single or periodic activities and shows them in the diary of the app;
- allows synchronization of the diary with the calendar of the device;
- allows the definition of multiple alarms associated with the engagements and events managed by myCRM;
- allows the association of the activities to customers, to opportunities and to sales;
- allows the recording of any kind of relationship mantained with customers;
- allows to see the customer history, past and future;
- automatically records the relationship corresponding to a mailing toward a customer or toward a group of customers;

Campaign Management:
- Allows you to define an unlimited number of campaigns on customers;
- Each campaign can be associated with any group of customers;
- Campaigns can be periodic or non-periodic;
- Each action on customer is defined by a customizable checklist;
- Integrated with diary and customer history;

Rerports and Statistics:
- provides 13 types of reports on customers, opportunities and sales, with possibility to filter on the third dimension;
- allows calculation of totals and statistics on every list, even if filtered or in manual selection;
- makes automatically all the conversions between currencies by using the current exchange rates;

Document management:
- allows to store inside the application documents of any type and to associate them to customers, opportunities, sales, relationships and principals;
- documents with the following types can be opened directly from inside the application: iWork and MS Office documents, Text files, PDF files, CSV files, Images, Videos;
- ability to also use images or videos present inside the device or files present on Dropbox;
- all files can be sent via email as attachements;

Data sharing:
- allows to share customers, opportunities and sales with your own team members;
- allows the team member to rebuild in its db all the history of the shared customer/opportunity/sale;
- allows sharing through Dropbox or via email;
- allows to share the entire database with other devices and/or users through the Cloud (Dropbox);

- Dropbox support in the following areas: Documents, Backup/Restore, Export, Import;
- allows the incremental import of contacts, ignoring or merging duplicates;
- allows the import of customers from files in CSV format coming from Dropbox, iTunes or other apps;
- allows the export of all types of data in two formats: CSV and readable;
- exports data through the iTunes sharing, via email or Dropbox;
- includes an autonomous and flexible system for backup and restore;
- allows the generation of multiple backups and the restoration of any of them;
- allows saving the backup files on Dropbox, on Google Docs or in your Pc/Mac;
- lets you restore the database from any backup found on Google Docs;
- 100% iPhone/iPad compatibility: exports the db from iPhone and imports it on the iPad and vice versa;

- four kinds of licenses: levels, upgrade, options, consumable;
- allows the purchase of the desired license from within the application (in-app purchase);
- the base free license allows the usage of all functionalities of the app;
- limits act only on the number of records that can be inserted;
- licenses are one time fees. No monthly or yearly subscriptions;

Supported languages:
- Italian
- English
- Spanish
- German