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 WHAT'S NEW in version 18.0
- New Targets Management. Now you can define targets based on any metrics calculated on Customers, Opportunities and Sales. Through Targets you can better monitor your business.
- Now, owners of licenses can hide iAd banner up to 1 week for free. They can do this for unlimited number of times.
- Fixed some bugs

 WHAT'S NEW in version 17.2
- New export format: CSV for Excel. It is a CSV using the semicolon character as delimiter. This is a more convenient format if you work with Excel because it lets you open exported files in Excel with a simple double click.
- Bug fixes

WHAT'S NEW in version 17.1
bug fixes

 WHAT'S NEW in version 17.0
- New Multi-Opportunity management: now you can manage with a single opportunity many customers interested in the same product.
- New more readable placeholders for customers in map
- Report drill-down. Now, touching the histogram bars, you can see each single record that concurr in forming them.
- Other improvements in reports
- some bugs fixed

 WHAT'S NEW in version 16.6
- New consumable license EXTRA100. It allows you to purchase, at a minimum price, a 100 extra insertions package so that you can overcome the limit set by the current license.

WHAT'S NEW in version 16.5
- Increased the threshold for free records from 10 to 50
- Slightly increased the font of "company" customers
- Inserted the date-picker for the sale date
- Fixed some bugs

WHAT'S NEW in version 16.4
- now you can change the color of customers on the map. This can be achieved thanks to:
* the ability to associate colors to values of single CHOICE custom fields;
* the automatic association of colors to values of LOGIC custom fields;
* the ability to choose the coloring to display in customer, sale and opportunity lists;
- iOS 7.1 optimization
- new icons for customer placeholders on the mapps;
- now in the customer history you can see sale and oportunity records as well;
- now in relationship list, you can see customer name when the relationship is single;
- now from the customer callout on the map you can open the app Maps to show the path between your position and the one of customer;
- added the filter on sales “those in the year X”;
- terminated Google Docs support;
- various bugs fixed;

WHAT'S NEW in version 16.3
- Fixed some defects
- new customizable field type: “logic”

WHAT'S NEW in version 16.2
- Fixed several defects, including bugs 2014-03-09/1 and 2014-03-09/2
- Now while the db is locked, the user is immediately warned, as soon as he tries to change data
- Now you can save the data if you inadvertently change view while editing

WHAT'S NEW in version 16.1
- NEW GRAPHICS! We have completely revamped the graphics to make it consistent with the new look & feel of iOS7. Everything changes, but nothing changes! We hope you enjoy it.
- Full support iOS7

WHAT'S NEW in version 16.0
- Now you can customize the Customer, Opportunity and Sale entities by adding as many additional fields as you want. Each field can be customized in type and behavior.
- Seven kinds of customizable fields are available: single-line text, multiple-line text, numeric integer, numeric decimal, numeric currency, single choice, multiple choice. Many other kinds will be available soon.
- Customizable fields can be read, edited, searched, shared, imported and exported like any other normal field.
- Now, the "display filters" panel provides the ability to select single fields to create more precise searches. You will have the ability to select both application and customizable fields.
- Usage of customizable fields requires specific new license levels.

WHAT'S NEW in version 15.4
- now reports can be displayed also in graphical form (only for iPad);
- now you are able to export reports in readable and CSV format;
- various bugs fixed;

WHAT'S NEW in version 15.3
- Fixed a bug that prevented the import with German localization
- Improved the German localization
- Added frequencies on 2, 3, 4 and 5 weeks for activities
- Improved the readability of the welcome message (ipad)
- Added the ability to export the customer map

WHAT'S NEW in version 15.2
- fixed the bug that didn't allow the selection of contacts to be imported

WHAT'S NEW in version 15.1
- German localization
- Ability to search for contacts during import
- Ability to select sources / groups of contacts during import
- Ability to sort the customer list in "case insensitive" mode
- Asynchronous loading of customers to campaigns
- Ability to remove customers from campaigns starting from the detail view of the campaign
- Added the currency MAD (Morrocan Dirham)
- Now the currency list is sorted by code
- Now, in the plain view, the company, the customer and the principle are active links
- Ability to correct / restore a past action
- Ability to convert past diary engagements into relationships
- Now the customer history also shows the relationships and not just the diary events associated to them
- Ability to choose whether to create the calendar event on the occasion of the creation or update of a relationship
- When you duplicate a campaign now the associated documents will be preserved
- Fixed several bugs

WHAT'S NEW in version 15.0
- Campaigns Management. You can now create one or more campaigns on different customer groups. Through campaigns you can precisely track and control periodical activities common to many customers, like rounds.
- Graphic improvements;
- Various bugs fixed;

WHAT'S NEW in version 14.0
- Now you can save your preferred searches made on customers, opportunities and sales. You can create your own menu for a quick retrieval of your data;
- Now the app saves the last recently used display filters, for a quick use of them;
- Now the app is able to create emails with documents and data for the following entities: customers, opportunities, sales, principals, relationships. Documents can be choosen among those associated with the entity.
- navigation arrows for the main entities;
- various bugs fixed;

WHAT'S NEW in version 13.1
- adjustment of the app to iOS6 and iPhone5
- it is now possible to see the color of the device calendars when these are displayed into myCRM's diary
- various graphic enhancements
- various defects fixed

WHAT'S NEW in version 13.0
- New Cloud Management feature: now you can share the entire database with other devices and/or users (please, consult the user guide to know all details and potentialities of the feature);
- Many calendar synchronization improvements;
- various bugs fixed;

WHAT'S NEW in version 12.0
- new look & feel (with ability to restore the classic look from Settings)
- some bugs fixed
- a better crash logs reporter

WHAT'S NEW in version 11.2
- fixed the problem of duplication of calendar events

WHAT'S NEW in version 11.1
- Some bugs fixed;
- Now you can insert a duration for activities and engagements. Duration is synched with device calendar;
- Now, myCRM events in device calendar contain a special code. If you copy that code into the pasteboard and then launch myCRM, the app will automatically display the corresponding engagement in the diary.

WHAT'S NEW in version 11.0
1) Data sharing between team members
- You can now share a customer, an opportunity or a sale with one or more members of your team.
- The customer, the opportunity or the sale are sent to the team member who receives and inserts them into its database.
- To share a customer/opportunity/sale, open the corresponding contextual menu and choose "Share ...".
- All data associated with the customer/opportunity/sale are rebuilt in the database of the team member. For example, if you send a customer, you will send simultaneously also all its opportunities, its sales, its activities, its engagements on the diary, the relationships in which it is involved, etc.
- The team member who, therefore, receives the customer/opportunity/sales, has all the elements to continue the work done so far on that client/opportunity/sale by the sender.
- You have two ways of sending data: via email and via Dropbox.
- When data is sent via email, the team member will receive an email with an attached file. The team member will have to open that file using the menu "Open in ..." made available by the iOS.
- When the data is sent via Dropbox, these will be stored into a transit folder which must be shared with the recipient's Dropbox account through the Dropbox folder sharing feature.  A different folder will be created in the Dropbox space for each team member.
- The team member, by connecting myCRM to its Dropbox account, will be able to read the content of its transit folder and, if some file is available, decide whether or not to import them into its database, through the menu Insert => Shared Data
- Once imported, the data file will be automatically deleted from the transit folder.
2) Ability to insert money values in any currency
- You can now insert money values both in the base currency of the app and in any other currency, by opening the currency chooser panel.
- When you choose a currency different from the base one, you must always insert the exchange rate. This rate can be inserted either manually or automatically retrieved from Internet.
- You can also choose either to set forever the inserted rate or make it be always automatically updated.
- In the Settings you can choose the base currency of the app and the time interval used to update automatically the exchange rates.
- The base currency of the app can be changed in any moment and it can be different from the currency set on the device. When you change the base currency, all the money values already inserted in the database mantain their identity and the database is automatically converted to the new base currency by recalculating all the exchange rates between the new base currency and all the other used currencies.
- All the exchange rates retrieved from Internet are stored into the app and reused when there is no possibility to retrieve its updated value. This allows to use the app when there is no active Internet connection.
- All calculations on money values (for example, the statistics) are perfermed using the base currency of the app. All the necessary conversions are made on the fly using the best available value for each used echange rate.
3) fixed various bugs

WHAT'S NEW in version 10.0
1) Document Management
- now you can store files of any type within the application
- for each file, it creates a new "document" containing the title and description
- documents can be attached to accounts, opportunities, sales, relationships and principals
- the following types of files can be viewed directly within the application: iWork and MS Office documents, text files, PDF files, CSV files, Images, Videos.
- from External applications you can send files to myCRM to be stored (menu "open in myCRM ...")
- you can also create documents by linking them to images or videos present in the gallery of the device
- all documents can be sent as attachments in emails
2) Support Dropbox in the following areas
- Documents: you can create documents by downloading them from the Documents folder on Dropbox. Alignment to the latest version of the file present on Dropbox will be always guaranteed. In case of no internet connection, the local copy will be used
- Backup and Restore: you can create backups files and send them to the Backup folder on Dropbox; you can also restore the database by downloading a backup file from the Backup folder on Dropbox
- Export: you can export any type of data to readable or CSV formatted files that will be sent in the Export folder on Dropbox
- Import: you can import CSV files by downloading them from the Import folder on Dropbox
3) CSV Import
- you can now import customers from files in CSV format.
- the CSV format generated by the export of customers is compatible with the one used for the import
- external applications can send (menu "open in myCRM ...") CSV files for importing into myCRM
4) Automatic management of the status of the customer
- status "free" (red): a customer with no open opportunities and no closed sales
- status "pursued" (yellow): a customer with open opportunities, but ​no closed sales
- status "caught" (green): a customer with closed sales
- the status is indicated in the customer details, customer lists and customer maps
- the status is recalculated automatically without any user intervention
5) Ability to modify tags:
- While entering tags, with a double tap on the tag, you start edinting it.
6) The text of the engagements synched with the calendar is now easier to read and to understand
7) Now the filters "those of day X", "those up to day X" and "those from day X", also take into account of the appointments, of the multi-customer activities and of the special dates
8) you can now extract directly from the diary, the customers of the current day, of the current week and of the current month. They are:
- All customers affected by pro-customer, pre-sales, post-sale and multi-customer activities
- All customers affected by appointments related to customers, opportunities and sales
- All customers affected by special dates
- All customers affected by relationships
9) now, from the Insertion menu, when you insert a customer, an opportunity or a sale, the record is redisplayed in read only mode to allow other actions on it.
10) when you create a new opportunity/sales from the list of opportunities/sales of a customer, the customer field is now automatically set to the value of the customer that you are referring to
11) various graphical improvements
12) fixed several bugs and improved the overall stability of the application

 WHAT'S NEW in version 9.2
- introduced the SPANISH localization
- improved general stability of the application
- fields on the customer detail are made editable
- Introduced "next" and "prev" buttons on the keyboard of the customer detail
- The list of activities for a customer now also contains multi-customer activities related to it.
- added 3 new reports
- Now on the diary and on the customer history there are also recorded closures OK/NOK of opportunities
- Corrected the filter on the opportunities "in progress/negotiation"
- Various fixes
NOTE: In accordance with the Apple guidelines, starting from this version it is no longer available:
a) the temporary unlimited license (REC-UNLIMITED-TEMP)
b) The ability to share the purchased license with a second device of a different type

WHAT'S NEW in version 9.1
fix: now both backup and restore features through Google Docs are working again.

WHAT'S NEW in version 9.0
- new logo;
- it is now possible to create multi-customer activities, that is, activities linked to more than one customer;
- it was added a new dynamic filter that extracts all customers that are into an area of radius X centered in the current position of the device;
- it is now possible to perform the operations of backup and restore using the public folder of the application that you can access through iTunes, rather than Google Docs;
- ability to create an appointment linked to customers, opportunities or sales already existing;
- ability to create a follow-up for the engagements in diary;
- ability to insert "memo" in the diary and their management as a new kind of engagement;
- tags associated to customers now are included both in data export and in import from Google Docs;
- the phone numbers and URLs are now active when displayed in the plain view;
- in data export now you can choose the encoding for the generated file, among Unicode, MacRoman and IsoLatin1;
- now you can export the customer history;
- now the keyboard contains (only for main views) the navigation buttons for rapid movement between fields;
- in the customer list, now, the company customers reveal immediately their simple contacts;
- it was added the indicator of the total number of items in a list;
- ability to show all the engagements of an activity;
- introduced the lists of generic and multi-customer activities;
- management of appointments in diary as a new kind of engagements;
- introduced the plain view for the engagements in diary;
- ability to filter engagements in diary according to their type;
- improved the loading of the engagement lists in the diary;
- introduced the clear button in many fields;
- introduced graphic icons for various buttons;
- ability to rapid movement of the diary through single tap on the date;
- now, in creating a tag, the separator characters ";" "," "|" are no more allowed;
- the filters for opportunities for the various status are now condensed in a single parametric filter;
- you can now show customers according to their insertion time;
- fix: in editing a notes field in plain view mode, now the view is correctly repositioned after you save data;
- various minor improvements and fixes;

WHAT'S NEW in version 8.4
- introduced the new plain view mode for customer, opportunity and sale detail;
- introduced the ability to launch the external application Maps to calculate the path from the current position to the customer one;
- fix: no more false crash warnings when the app is terminated in background by the operating system and the logging is active;
- fix: in showing customers on maps, now the zoom is correctly calculated even when there is only one address to show;
- fix: now, in case of fatal error, the database is no more removed from the application, but only copied in the public folder;

WHAT'S NEW in version 8.3
- introduced the new Report menu, with 10 types of reports on customers, opportunities and sales;
- introduced the new temporary unlimited license with 10 days duration at the minimum price, useful to make test of application with your entire archive of customers;
- welcome message at application launch;
- ability to insert free commission amounts;
- ability to attach photos in emails retrieving them from the Photo Library;
- ability to show the single customer on the map and to move its addresses pins;
- ability to make text searchs on all fields of the customer form and with various options;
- in diary, changing view, now the date is kept;
- in diary, creating a new activity, this opens with the date already set to the current one;
- now you are able to check the diary during the choice of dates through the date picker;
- now you are able to sort the opportunities also by their closure date;
- now the open opportunities that are expired are reported in red;
- minor fixes;

WHAT'S NEW in version 8.2

WHAT'S NEW in version 8.1
- added the ability to clone the customer into Contacts, both when creating new customer and from the contextual menu;
- created the new Insertion menu, containing some of the most common insertion operations;
- added ability to create email with data for a single relationship;
- fix: now, in diary, the relationships appear in the correct order, ie at the end of the day;
- fix: now, in sale creation, the payment options are correctly updated when you choose "no principal";
- fix: now, on waking up, the application correctly updates the current day on the diary;
- Other minor fixes;
- created the page myCRM on Facebook to provide users of myCRM a place to meet and exchange opinions on the product;

WHAT'S NEW in version 8.0
- customer relationships management: the user can now record any type of relationship it had with its customers (email, phone calls, meetings, etc.). The relationships thus created give rise to specific events in diary and in the history of the customer.
- sending email to customers: you can now select any set of customers and send an email to them from within the application. Sending emails is configured as a special case of customer relationship and is therefore treated as such.
- attachments and templates: in the creation of email to send to customers, you can now attach documents and/or use text templates previously created. Documents to attach to emails are uploaded through iTunes document sharing.
- solved the problem of the google docs session timeout during restoring the db when the preliminary removal of events from the calendar turned out to be very long.
- introduced the buttons to send email and to make a phone call for all elements of the fields "email addresses" and "phone numbers".
- the detail data of the customer are now included in the export of opportunities and sales.
- now the application is fully compatible with the iOS multitasking mode.
- solved the problem of out of memory that at times seemed too frequent.
- it is now possible to associate areas to the addresses of the customers directly during the import from a spreadsheet on google docs.
- solved the problem of unnecessary creation of two customers when in the address book of the device there is a contact without first and last names but with a company name.
- the list of the device contacts to be imported is now shown ordered.
- is now possible to define alerts during the creation of special dates.

WHAT'S NEW in version 7.2
- tagging of customers: now you are able to associate one or more "tags" to customers and to perform searches on customers according to a certain tag.
- periods of 5, 10, 15, 20, 45, 60 days were added in the definition of periodic activities.
- new licenses for 500 and 1000 records and remodeling of prices.

WHAT'S NEW in version 7.1
- Sync with Calendar: you can now automatically sync myCRM diary with the device calendar. You can choose any of the modifiable calendars defined in the device. If among these there is a Google calendar, it will be automatically updated on each change or addition of events made on myCRM diary. It 'also possible to define, for each engagement in diary, any number of alerts. Their operation is identical to that of the alerts you can activate in device calendar, but the definition possibilities provided by myCRM are larger.

WHAT'S NEW in version 7.0
- Management of customers of type "company":  it is now possible grouping customers who represent persons belonging to the same organization under the new type of customer "company". The operations carried out on customers of type "company" involve all their contacts.
- Management of principals: you can now enter the principals and associate sales and opportunities to them. You can also perform filter actions on customers, sales and opportunities for a specific principal.
- Display filters: you can now compose display filters in complex expressions using the boolean operators AND, OR and NOT. The text search now applies to the result set generated by the application of the current filter.
- Customer history: you can now see for every customer, his entire history as a sequence of all engagements and events in the diary related to it, past, present and future.
- Customers maps: you can now view the map also in satellite or hybrid mode. The display on the map now works on the entire customer list and not only on the current page. It has been enhanced stability during geocoding.
- Opportunity management: now, when you change the status, the associated probability is set automatically.
- Opportunities and sales lists : pagination was introduced even on these lists.
- Customer, sales and opportunities lists: during extraction of data from the DB, the interface is no longer blocked.
- Sales list: added filter to retrieve the sales of a specific month in order to allow the calculation of commissions for that month.
- Export and statistics views: now the type of the applied filter is displayed.
- Diary: the date of sale and that of insert/update/closure of the opportunity are now automatically reported in the diary.
- Settings: you can now choose to automatically remove the engagements in diary older than a certain period. Opening the application, then, the cleaning and compacting the database are automatically done.
- Fixed bug that sometimes was bringing the zoom back on maps of customers.
- Fixed bug (IPad), which in some cases did not permit the display on the diary the engagements of the last days of the month.
- Various minor improvements in various parts of the application.

WHAT'S NEW in version 6.2
- now, statistics and totals are correctly calculated when you set a filter or you are in selection mode
- statistics and totals for customers were enriched
- menus "show on the map", "export" and "statistics & totals" are now available also from the selection mode
- in sale list and in opportunity list is now visible the name of the customer for each item of the list
- from the customer detail view is now possible to create a new opportunity for him
- various defects were fixed and various enhancements were carried out on the management of selected items

WHAT'S NEW in version 6.1
- introduced the logging system for an easier application debugging
- unified the application parameters and the google docs account into the new "Settings" panel
- introduced in the contextual menu of each main entity the item "Statistics and Totals" that replaces the old "Totals" panel
- Fixed the problem of the application crash during import of contacts from the iPhone/iPad address book.

WHAT'S NEW in version 6.0
- Area management: it is now possible to associate customers directly to the areas defined by the user. The system will automatically calculate the extent of these areas and it will also associate the customers for whom you have not defined any direct association. You can then filter out customers, sales and opportunities by belonging or inclusion area.
- Data export: you can now export data for all entities managed by the app in the two formats readable and CSV. The generated files can be downloaded via the iTunes document sharing or sent via email. Each entity record can also be copied into the body of an email.
- Introduced additional display filters for the opportunities and sales.
- Now the app displays the status of the opportunity in the table list.
- Now the app displays the date of sale in the table list.
- Now the view of the display filters is already set to open on the current filter.
- The list of addresses of a customer now gives the ability to scroll on long addresses.
- In any point, you can now scroll the "notes" fields also when you are in read-only mode.
- Graphic restyling (iPad version only)
- Compact menu in detail views (only iPhone)
- You can now create activities on past dates.
- You can now associate a time to the activities. The engagements in the diary are now sorted by time.
- The following defects were fixed:
* when you change the status of an engagement (done/not done) by clicking on the check from the diary, if the corresponding engagement is shown in detail view, it is not updated.
* numeric fields do not handle well the formatting of numbers in input when using a decimal point other than that for current locale.
* in customer search, when you enter a single numeric character, the search should be like %n% instead n%.
* changing the display filter, in some cases the list will not be reloaded.

WHAT'S NEW in version 5.4
- the geocoding engine used to display the customers on the maps was made more powerful, efficient and stable.
- it was introduced an utility that allows to geocode all the customers in one shot in order to have a greater rapidity of the application during the showing of the customers in the map.
- they were fixed some bugs related to the following areas: showing customers in the map and customer import.

WHAT'S NEW in version 5.3
- Improved readability of the customer name in the list;
- Introduced a progressive progress when importing customers;
- Introduced the possibility to check for duplicates when your are importing customers, with additional possibility, in the presence of a duplicate, to discard the duplicate or to make an aggregation between the data of the duplicate and those of the original customer;
- Introduced the possibility to choose which contacts you want to import between those found in the Contacts application;
- Solved the problem of the size limit posed by google docs on the backup file by splitting it into several segments and by rebuilding it during the restore phase;

WHAT'S NEW in version 5.2
- introduced paging in customer lists to allow easy navigation of large lists
- customer choice in opportunity or sale detail can now be done through the new customers list, allowing a greater flexibility and manageability
- the application parameters management was introduced in the utility menu. You can now choose the page size of the customers list and (only iPhone) the sensitivity level for "back to main menu" shaking.
- in the display of the applied filter in the lists of customers, opportunities and sales it is now specified also the direction of the ordering through an arrow
- (only iPad) the opportunities, sales and customers datail views are readjusted in order to make more room for some information

WHAT'S NEW in version 5.1
- Fixed the issue related to the use of the character '(quote) in the search for customers
- Fixed the issue related to the bad display of the diary engagements in the daily view when the list is long.

WHAT'S NEW in version 5.0
- Ability to create special dates associated with the customer and see them listed in the diary
- Ability to associate an end date of the opportunity and see it listed in the diary
- Ability to restore the database from backups of any version
- Ability to fully reset the database
- Changed the name of the database dump file on Google Docs
- Ability to share the purchased license with a second device (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) by transferring the database through the backup&restore operations between the two devices
- various bugs fixed

WHAT'S NEW in version 4.0
- restored backup&restore via GoogleDocs service
- search on customers list
- search on customer choice list
- enhancements in editing (easier opening of choicelists)
- saving of search filters between sessions
- multiple selection on lists of records
- multiple deletion of records
- multiple creation of new opportunities from selected customers
- generic activities management
- easier creation and deletion of activities
- various bugs fixed

WHAT'S NEW in version 3.5
- introduced the possibility to import all the contacts present into the Contacts application

WHAT'S NEW in version 3.0
- introduced the possibility to select customers with various type of filters
- introduced the possibility to display the selected customers on Google Maps
- some bugs fixed

WHAT'S NEW in version 2.0
- introduced the new feature of import of customers from Google Docs spreadsheets
- return to main menu through iPhone shaking
- possibility of entering dates through graphical interface
- various enhancements
- fixed varius bugs

WHAT'S NEW in version 1.5
- introduced the activities management
- various enhancements
- fixed varius bugs